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Art Classes for stress management and relaxation techniques
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Mindful Art Classes in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Mindful art classes and resources in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Mindful Art Classes in Glasgow, Scotland

Learn simple relaxation techniques to help you deal with anxiety, stress and daily worries. We’ve all tried the mindful colouring books, but what about learning to draw and paint as a coping technique?

Mindfulness can help depression and anxiety; art can help too! What better solution could you ask for?

Mindfulness is a proven technique to help with depression and anxiety, yet many people find the practice of meditation tedious and time-consuming. These Mindful Art Classes bring a bit of fun into the mindful world and show you a different stress management and relaxation techniques to carry on in your everyday life.

This isn’t a strict art class, instead it is a mindfulness practice

Each session starts with a short 5-10 minute guided meditation helping you to relax and de-stress, before drawing, colouring and painting your own artwork. All materials are provided but please feel free to bring your own too. With some classes, you’ll also be given a guide sheet away with you so you can draw your masterpiece any time you like. 

From abstract art to line drawing to illustration classes

We want to show you that anyone can draw and paint, no matter what the ability, and we offer a selection of classes for you to choose from to fit your interests. Classes are set up to cater for all abilities from the beginners to the amateurs to the professionals. 

Stress management and relaxation techniques for teenagers

It’s becoming more and more common that young people are struggling with stress and anxiety in schools, particularly around exam time. Revising is difficult and can have you going round in circles. Mindfulness can be a great way to control those stressful feelings between revision and studying and these Mindful Art Classes are perfect for teenagers. We ran a pilot in St Ninian’s High School in Giffnock and the feedback from pupils has been phenomenal. If you’re a school and would like to bring these classes to your school, please see more information here. Or you can book a class specifically for Secondary School ages.

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