Mindful Art
Art Classes for stress management and relaxation techniques

Mindfulness in Schools: Art Classes & Resources

Options for schools and youth groups to teach mindful art, including 5 week courses of tuition or Mindful Art Kits to be sent to your school.

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School resources and classes

Dealing with student’s stress and anxieties over both their school work and home life can be difficult. We’ve got 2 options that could work for your school or youth group:

Option 1: 5-week course taught at your school

We can come to your school for three hours (periods) per week to teach three groups of students. We recommend S1-S2, S3-S4 and S5-S6 sessions so the students feel able to open up within peer groups of the same age.

The hour involves 5-10 minutes of guided meditation using an app we encourage the pupils to download in order to continue to practice, followed by teaching how to draw a full picture and then colour in. Pupils are given guide sheet away with them so they can repeat the exercise.

Option 2: A full Mindful Art Kit to use in your school

We are currently working on creating these kits and resources for schools but we want to make them the best possible! So they aren't quite ready yet. If you sign up below then we'll send you a note when they are ready so you don't miss out!


Please note all teachers are fully disclosed. If you'd like to see a copy of their Disclosure Scotland certificates, please do not hesitate to ask.